The unmissable new Netflix series starring Chino Darín and Jaime Lorente, from "The Money Heist"

Netflixone of the most used streaming platforms in the world, announced the arrival of an unmissable series starring Chino Darín and Jaime Lorente that left everyone speechless. It will not only have the participation of two of the most recognized actors of recent times, but also a great production that is expected to be one of the best bets for next year.

The “Streaming Giant” constantly seeks to incorporate new titles that attract the attention of users and offer alternatives to remain competitive in a market that also offers platforms such as HBO, Disney or Amazon. However, the new additions to the Netflix catalog managed to make a difference and maintain high expectations for their subscribers.

Precisely, one of the proposals that most interested the community was “Iron hand”: the series that will feature the protagonists of Darín and Lorente, and will address different topics related to drug trafficking in Spain. The cast will also include the participation of Natalia de Molina, Sergi López and Enric Auquer.

“The disappearance of a drug cache in the port of Barcelona triggers ‘Iron Hand'”published Netflix Spain, through his account instagram, where you can see the protagonists posing on a terrace. Immediately, the announcement generated a great impact on fans, who filled the publication with likes and comments, eager to learn more about the story.

However, the stars also joined the announcements and the Spanish actor from “The Paper House” and “Elite” posted in his stories: “This is on fire. let’s start”. While the Argentine, who participated in productions such as “The Kingdom” and “During the Storm”rode the wave by sharing the post with the legend: “And that? We already started with Mano de Hierro”.

Netflix: what is “Iron Hand” about

Iron Hand: the new series that will be added to Netflix.

The port of Barcelona receives around 6,000 containers a day and, in a period of one year, they are capable of hiding more than 30,000 kilograms of cocaine. This makes the city one of the most important places in Europe for the drug trafficking business, something that Joaquin Manchado is aware, owning the main terminal of the port.

The story will be about Manchado’s business and his criminal network. However, after an unexpected accident and the disappearance of an important shipment of cocaine, the group must face a ruthless war between murder and revenge.

The series produced by The Mediapro Studio will have a total of six chapters and will be filmed in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Girona and Lleida. For now, they did not announce a release date, but it is estimated that, having already started filming, be available by mid 2023.

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