The two men who were burned in the fire in Tlaquepaque die

The two men who were seriously burned after the fire registered this Wednesday in a warehouse where medicines were stored, located on the limits of Tlaquepaque Y The jumpThey lost their lives early this Thursday morning.

Is about Giovanni Anibal Cervantes 32 years old and Luis Pajarito Velazquez of 27, who presented burns in 95% of the body, for which they were transferred to the facilities of the West Medical Center where they lost their lives while receiving medical care, according to what was reported by the Civil Protection and Fire Department Unit of Tlaquepaque.

The work at the site where the incident occurred that evicted 200 people from the property continues after a little more than 24 hours after the incident was reported, having so far an 80% progress in extinguishing the fireas confirmed by the coordinator of Civil Protection and Firefighters Township, Jaime Manzano.

“In the morning, 11 industrial warehouses that are inside the park were reviewed to verify and verify that the security equipment is in perfect condition and to be able to authorize the resumption of its activities. The park works normally except for the restricted warehouse,” express.

Due to the risk of collapse of structures specialized coordination is maintained at the scene of what happened, consisting of a metal structure 40 to 50 meters high and approximately 200×200 square meters

“The strategies to fight the fire were modified because the use of heavy machinery is necessary. At this time the fire is in an area of ​​difficult access and it is necessary to remove some metal structures, as well as the removal of several embers to achieve the total extinction of the fire,” said the coordinator.


No information on the cause of the fire

It has not yet been possible to know the causes for which the fire started, he said. Jaime Manzano, It is only known that it started in a warehouse area where products were packaged, place where a high presence of alcohol was identified; Those in charge of the warehouse in the industrial park where the warehouse was located have not shared more information with the authority, said the coordinator.

“Yes, we estimate another 24 hours of work, this will depend on the progress made by the heavy machinery team. It is necessary to cut metals, this takes a long time and also the removal of large tonnage structures, and It has to be done in a highly coordinated manner with the machine operating personnel and in coordination with the firefighters to avoid any accident,” said Manzano Núñez.


Medical care was also provided to combatants

In addition to the evacuation of people and care for the two injured who died today, medical care was also provided to five firefighters who were working to combat the fire.

It was two firefighters Zapopan: one had burns on his feet and one more on his lower back. Both have been released from the hospital and are in stable condition and recovering.

A firefighter from Guadalajarareceived medical attention at the scene for dehydration, and two more firefighters from Tlaquepaquewere treated at the scene because one fell from stairs and another presented symptoms of dehydration.



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