The tremendous fight between Mica Viciconte and Nicole Neumann after the birth of Luca: “A black hand said that…”

A few hours after giving birth to Luca, her first child, the result of her relationship with Fabian CuberoMica Viciconte was involved in a new media scandal after copying the outfit of Nicole Neuman, Apparently, in revenge for a bad maneuver that the model did.

and it was in The cage of fashion where the specialists in the subject of clothing not only analyzed the coincidence in the looks of these flammable women but also provided information in this regard. “I thought that peace was between fashion, us and television, but no“, started Mariano Caprarola.

and the columnist followed: “Unfortunately, they faced each other again: Queen Nicole Neumann and Miss Mica Viciconte, a recent mother. In a moment of peace, fashion separated them again”. It was then that, according to the image consultant, there was a bad move by one of the parties.

“Unfortunately, there was a black hand that called and said that Mrs. Viciconte should not be seen anymore. And this does not end there, there is much more”, expanded the panelist in dialogue with Horace Cabak Y Fabian Medina Flores while the production put Poroto’s ex and current one on screen with the same long black and white sweater.

“More things happened. There was a rematch, and one of the garments was used the same”, added Caprarola while the driver of The cage he joked: “Luca Cubero did not arrive with a loaf of bread under his arm, he arrived with a garment”. Also, in Intruders, Nancy Dura revealed more information about this look imitation.

“There was a black hand that said that Viciconte should not be seen anymore. There was revenge and the garment was used the same,” Caprarola revealed.

According to the journalist America, Nicole was chosen to star in a campaign for a clothing brand whose owners, to avoid conflicts due to the tense relationship with Mica, would have decided to stop giving Viciconte clothes. “Mica started calling the multibrands to give him clothes, precisely, from this brand and posted a photo with the same pullover ”, he explained.

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