The tremendous fight between Dalma and Luis Ventura for the tribute to Maradona in the Martín Fierro: "Everyone knows who they are in this story"

The Martín Fierro are getting closer and the emotion of the moment begins to throb. As revealed there will be tributes and special awards. Of course, among the honorees is Diego Maradona who departed in the year 2020.

However, what strikes many is the fact that none of his children are invited to witness the tribute to their father. That is why Dalma Maradona decided to break the silence and reveal her reason through her Instagram account.

Hello everyone! They’re driving me crazy asking me if I’m going to the Martin Fierro because they’re supposed to pay homage to my dad. My friend Gabriel Schultz doesn’t understand why we weren’t invited. But it goes without saying that knowing who organizes it, we would never be invited, don’t worry“, wrote.

And he closed by encouraging the son of Verónica Ojeda who will be the representative of all the children of the Ten: “We are going to be very well represented by him, if he is invited and I think it’s perfect! We don’t all have to go everywhere all the time.”. Luis Ventura, president of APTRA was not silent.

The famous was as a guest in “Authentic Polino” where Mariana Brey warned him of the message that Maradona’s daughter had dedicated to him. It was then that she asked him the reason why she didn’t invite them: “I would have to invite all of Maradona’s entourage to pay him homage and it cannot be“.

Diego is not the protagonist, they are the prizes. The protagonist of this story is not me, I do not want to take the leading role from Maradona. Diego was a topic on the news, he was not someone who did television. Everyone knows who is who in this story, if I invite her I have to invite all of Maradona’s children. Putting them together is not my job, Diego could not do it in life, except for me“, he added.

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