The trade of 2600 kilos of bovine meat with bone without refrigeration was prevented

The National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (Senasa) prevented the sale of approximately 2,600 kilograms of bone-in beef that were transported in a hidden way in a truck that did not have refrigeration and with the hygienic-sanitary conditions necessary for this type of product.

The discovery was made this morning at the Control Post located on May 25, La Pampa. There, agents of the Senasa Sanitary Barrier they inspected the cargo of a transportation who was heading from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to Esquel, in the province of Chubut.

The person driving the truck indicated that it was carrying non-perishable products, but during the inspection of the merchandise, the concealment of 146 bovine ribs that were concealed under black nylon and grass packages was detected. It should be noted that in this case it is an infraction committed by a person who already has a history in this regard.

In addition to not having adequate documentation and hygienic-sanitary conditions, it is about merchandise that is prohibited from entering the foot-and-mouth disease-free area without vaccination. For all this, the confiscation and destruction was determined, complying with current regulations and protecting the health of the population.

potato donation

On the other hand, in the same position but a few hours before, during the inspection of a transport that was going from the Mendoza town of Guaymallén to Cinco Saltos, in Río Negrothe entrance to the region of 50 potato bags by inconsistencies in the health documentation presented.

In this case, the carrier opted to carry out a voluntary seizure of that product in order to continue its journey with the rest of the merchandise. After verifying that the seized products were fit for human consumption, their donation was coordinated, delivering them to the Municipality of 25 de Mayo for distribution in public welfare institutions.

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