The survey that excites Together for Change thinking about 2023

The latest survey carried out by the consulting firm G y C Communications of Germán Esponda predicts a victory for Together for Change in the province of Buenos Aires if it is added to the candidates of that space against the governor’s intention to vote Axel Kicillo, who is seeking his re-election. The significant data is the scenario of parity between Diego Santilli Y Christian Ritondo.

Esponda’s survey gives kicillof 28.4% of voting intentions, Santilli 13.85%, Ritondo 12.95%, José Luis Espert 5.58%, radical Martín Tetaz 4%, and Nicolás del Caño 3%, others 3.48 % and “Does not know, does not answer” 28.74%. It is not only surprising that the technical tie between the candidate of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the former Minister of Security of María Eugenia Vidal, also the liberal Espert surpasses the heterodox economist Tetaz, who last year became the revelation in the list of the opposition coalition in The city of Buenos Aires.

Evidently his libertarian colleague has more penetration in the main district of the country than the deputy of La Plata origin who currently integrates the ranks of Evolución, the internal space of the UCR led by Emiliano Yacobitti and Senator Martín Lousteau. Other radicals argue that the mayor of San Isidro, Gustavo Posse, who is still in the throes, but eager to get out of the competition, should be measured.

Regarding the PRO, it can be noted that the mayor of Captain Sarmiento is also listed, Javier Iguacelwho is chosen by Patricia Bullrich to accompany him in his presidential project. The former head of National Roads apparently measures well in the interior of Buenos Aires and, if he comes forward, he could be favored by the drag effect of the president of the PRO. Bullrich It comes in handy in surveys of large urban centers. The mayor of Lanús, Néstor Grindetti, is also listed and touring the territory.

Something similar can happen to Santilli with Rodríguez Larreta’s intention to vote, it will surely measure more in the dark room than in person. The great unknown is whether in PASO Ritondo is going to go on Vidal’s ballot or Mauricio Macri, if there is a “second time”. The other possibility that is not ruled out is that the president of the block of deputies of the PRO also goes on the blanket list of the head of government.

Based on this photograph that marks the Esponda poll, Together would obtain more than 30% of the votes if we add what Santilli, Ritondo and Tetaz get. In any case, to arrive comfortable as they usually propose in larretismo, it is essential that Espert compete inside the PASO of JxC, just as Ricardo López Murphy did in last year’s legislative elections in CABA. In this way, the opposition coalition would add a few more points because many doubt that the majority of that universe will accompany the economist in this adventure and prefer to vote for Javier Milei and who will be his candidate for governor if he is competitive, an issue that is still not clear.

In any case, experts from the Buenos Aires political world usually comment that in this type of unified elections the ballot is so long that it drives the left sector more, that is, the candidate for president and the last part where the candidates for the mayors appear. The gubernatorial and vice candidates are in the middle. Only one unrepeatable opportunity was recorded in 2015 where the cut was made in that category due to the enormous rejection generated by the figure of Aníbal Fernández, an unprecedented situation that ended up favoring Vidal.

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