The student who went to school with a skirt spoke: "I wanted to change the rules, not draw attention"

The student of IPEM 359 Arturo Illia from Villa Carlos Paz, who attended classes wearing a classmate’s skirt, because the institution’s regulations do not allow the use of shorts or bermuda shorts, said that she did not expect the repercussion that the case had after the viralization of a photo of her.

“I did not want to attract attention with the skirt, I just wanted to be comfortable, I did not want it to go viral,” Augusto said in dialogue with the programBetween Us Rebeca ” from Radio University.

Augusto Interview – Student who used a skirt to go to class – AM580 – Among us Rebecca by

Augusto pointed out that, as the skirt was part of the uniform, he took advantage of “that legal gap” to be able to enter school.

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“I did it a bit as a prank but not so much on that side, I just wanted to be comfortable at school, I wanted to change the rules a bit but I didn’t think they were going to do it“, he assured.

The student claimed that the ban on shorts is about a regulation of 2013, approximately.

What determines the dress code of each public school are the coexistence agreements in each of the establishments. In other words, there is no general rule that imposes it. However, these coexistence agreements they are flexible and willing to change.

In this regard, he indicated that they have not yet allowed the use of shorts: “They are voting, where students, parents and teachers have to sign to see if they can wear shorts or not “

On this subject, Augusto said that not at school they don’t know how to explain why you can’t wear shorts. “It’s an absurd rule”, he opined.

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