The strong round trip of Ángel de Brito and Rusherking for a face to face

Rusherking on more than one occasion recounted how bad it had been with the press since he whitewashed his romance with China Suárez, who is one of the most famous media figures in the Argentine media. However, over time she adapted.

During an interview with Filo News, the singer of “Vos” recounted the great change he had: “At first I suffered a little because it is very crazy for me. I’m from Santiago del Estero, at one point I thought I had no chance of anything and at one point I started making music and it went well. Now everything got out of hand, I became quite well known.”

I got angry many times because, for example, I went to radio shows and they waited for me outside with cameras and microphones, they yelled at me. I don’t like it because I’m very reserved, very quiet. I regret it because I am not a person to tweet, to generate hate to scold someone. I don’t like it, when I do it it’s because I’m very, very tired.”counted.

As if that were not enough, during an interview, rushing He was consulted about his relationship with Ángel de Brito. And it is that, it should be remembered that the driver of LAM maintains a great confrontation with the actress of ATAV. But the singer was quite neutral.

It’s the last thing I would do in my life. But he didn’t send me anything. I don’t have Angel’s number yet. I’m new to this, I’m still adapting, it’s a mess. imagine that a month ago it happened to me that I was coming out of rehearsal and I had a crazy person with a camera with a flash and they put the microphone in my face“, He launched.

And continued: “That was one and then when I left a hotel where we were with Eugenia and they had taken our cars. That’s where the cars were filmed. Can you believe that crazy man was waiting for us all night? Anyway, I had parked like the ort…, we have to take charge“.

It was then that it ended: “(The chroniclers) They appear from the trees, it’s crazy, it’s from a movie. I’m going to start recording them to make a documentary. And the questions are bol… If you tell me, we organize the note, I have no problem. It is a very stupid format to rush out on the street. Call me and we make the note“.

However, Angel of Brito He decided to answer questions from his fans on his Instagram account. A netizen asked him what he thought about Rusherking’s sayings about LAM. Far from being spicy with the young man, the journalist revealed: “Everything’s fine“.

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