The secrets that the majority keep in the meetings of the Frente de Todos

It seems that this is a week of confessions for the important referents of the peronism territorial. The mayors, always with the commitment of the off, reveal data and concepts that they would never do before a microphone or knowing that someone is filming it.

“The truth, people are in another. It doesn’t happen what happened to us four or five years ago when I suffered from macrismo and asked us to get together at any cost. Now, no one demands unity from you, but rather that you do something with insecurity and inflation”, was the confession of an important community chief who knows that the meetings to which he is invited are not very useful.

The mayor, who transitioned like most of his peers to the government of let’s changeI had high hopes for the arrival of the front of all. “The truth is that nothing worked,” he acknowledged, and although he has a much more critical look at the vice president than the president, he ends up agreeing that “no one rose to the occasion.”

A few days ago, another mayor accepted that “we have nothing left over. We have to do a great territorial job to push the ballot up,” he commented, adding: “Our concern, which we expressed to the governor, the president and later at dinner with the vice president, is that it is essential that they not stop the works and if everyone gives a raise, we don’t have anything left over to give to our employees,” he acknowledged.

These and other similar phrases are usually said while projecting works, inaugurating others and working on projects that they know they can achieve. But the urgencies of the people are going through another place.

Asked about how much his employees earned, the mayor accepted that he has workers who do not earn more than $50,000 pesos a month. “We are very low.” And, with respect to the other major claim, insecurity, the two territorial chiefs admitted that there is a big problem because “the gendarmes do not arrive and Bernie He doesn’t know how to ask for them.”

“The truth is that no one can claim anything from the minister. He always takes care of you. What happens is that later, before the first answer, the second and the third arrive at a drop count ”, acknowledged another of those who were in the conversation in which Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner He made his concern about the issue clear, but the one he lashed out the most is Hannibal Fernandezthe national person in charge who, according to his gaze, does not want to send gendarmes to the suburbs.

“A Bernie The kids want to kick him out. We would not choose him again, but force supports him, and we cannot carry out experiments in the situation we are in and without knowing how December is coming,” acknowledged the person who was most concerned about the issue.

While this is happening, everyone feels that you have to support Sergio Massa. Although some still criticize him that he “overreacts” or, directly, that he does not tell the whole truth “neither to the president nor to the vice president.”

They will not criticize him, and the only one who marks his differences, because that is where his political future rests, is Julio Zamora, who succeeded him almost a decade ago in Tiger and now he is confronted with the Minister of Economy who has already given clear signs that he intends to recover what he left in care.

In the last few hours there were harsh statements and others that tried to put cold cloths on the tension. Andrés “El Cuervo” Larroque He began the week by arguing that the president must understand that what is best for him is to do what his vice-president asks. However, when they asked him what would come in a future government, he did not know how to explain what they would do.

“It seems to me that when colleagues speak, they do so in good faith. Each one will have their look on the issues and on the priorities, but I have no doubts that the front of all it is united, that it did not break. It must be stronger and tougher than it seemed, because in these years not only did it not break, but it is more united than ever. That unit is the one that has to prevent him from coming back Macrithat the right returns to govern the country ”, he replied without doing so Gabriel Katopodis.

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