The rapper Trueno pays tribute to Santiago Maldonado in his new song

“I am no longer the freestyler, the battler, the competitor. I am an Argentine musician and a spokesperson for the new generation,” he said. Thunder to Télam when being interviewed for the presentation of his new work called “Right or wrong”.

In these songs, the performer who is at his best, presents a more rebellious version of himself and does not hesitate to commit himself to themes such as: the native peoples, the dictatorship, the easy trigger.

Victor Heredia, Duki, Bizarrap, Randy and Nathy Peluso participate in different topics. Trueno said that the duality expressed on the album arose “because the message had come out that way,” with songs that go both for one concept and for the other.

“Argentina” is the song recorded with Nathy Peluso. Touring each of the provinces, the rapper mentions Santiago del Estero and takes the opportunity to remember santiago maldonadodisappeared almost five years ago, during the government of Mauricio Macri and “the brothers who left.”

Thunder, Nathy Peluso – ARGENTINA

“Zanta Land” sings it as a duet with Victor Heredia and talk about the fight for “Never more

Thunder, Victor Heredia – TIERRA ZANTA (Official Video)

In “Fuck the police” Trueno denounces police repression and police abuse, a problem in popular neighborhoods. “Music is our means of expression, our means of protest and fun at the same time,” he said.


“Thanks to people like Victor Heredia Y mercedes sosa, to rock and Argentine folklore, today we feel safe to say what we want. If they had kept quiet, the government and the military would have won with silence and power,” added the singer.

“It is our means of communication in this society to say what we want and in the way we want. And we will continue to do so, whoever likes it, because there are many realities and injustices for which we suffer, cry, celebrate. , we scream and jump,” said the singer on the subject.

/Sources: Télam / Page 12/

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