The project of the Rent Law obtained an opinion in Deputies

Within the framework of the commission meeting, the legislator of the Front of All, Daniel Brook, conconsidered that, “in the face of so many who really have a bad time and a horizon where inflation generates uncertaintybre in everyday life” With the modification of the Rental Law “we are putting a little certainty”.

For his part, the legislator of Evolución Radical, Alejandro Cacace, defended the minority opinion and proposed that “the intervention of the State in the rental market should not take place in prices, but through tax incentives to increase the supply of rental properties”. In this sense, he justified the need to increase supply because “we are talking about a human right, the human right of access to housing by citizens.”

It should be noted that, previously, in the framework of the General Legislation meetings, more than a hundred guests related to the subject spoke, such as consumer protection associations, real estate brokers, and tenants, among others.

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The draft of the Rent Law obtained an opinion in Deputies.

Photo: UNO Newspaper

Rent Law Project

The central points that will be discussed in Deputies will be the term of the contracts and the system of updating and incentives for the owners to improve the supply of rental housing given the great demand that exists throughout the country.

The law passed in 2020 at the request of the Cambiemos block extended the contracts from 2 to 3 years and set an annual value adjustment indicatorIt’s based on average inflation and wages, which are now challenged by realtors and landlords and defended by major tenant associations.

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