The Ombudsman for Children will sue an academic accused of rape in San Pedro de la Paz

The Ombudsman for Children will sue in the case of the teacher arrested for the rape of a minor in San Pedro de la Paz, emphasizing the need for justice to decree a drastic sentence.

The Ombudsman for Childrenwith the information compiled up to now, informed the decision of become part of the investigation opened by the Prosecutor’s Office against the biologist, Jorge Villanueva Arancibia, after having been arrested when he had sexual relations with a minor under 14 years of age.

It was Patricia Muñoz, head of the organization, visiting Chillán to participate in a seminar, who referred to the complaint that they will present, emphasizing in the severity of the casein light of the work of the accused as a youth tutor at the Catholic University of the Santísima Concepción.

But Villanueva’s teaching work was not limited only to the Penquista Catholic University but also to the San Sebastián University, which, like the first campus, decided unlink it after knowing the open judicial process.

However, this case is not the first, since the man had already been convicted in 2017 for the rape of a 12 year old boyas confirmed by the Guarantee judge, Silvia Jiménez.

The doubt that arose before this background is how the biologist was recruited despite the effective sentence served at the end of 2018. Only the Catholic University referred to this, through Patricia Villagrán, executive coordinator of Pace, assuring that the hiring of Villanueva in 2019 received the green light from the Ministry of Education.

The foregoing despite the appearance of Jorge Villanueva’s name on the list of those convicted of sexual crimes of the Civil registration and the conviction of the year 2017 that, according to what is read in the sentence, disqualified the teacher from practicing in educational institutions.

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