The notary public Rodolfo Gambi was accused of falsifying a public document

The couple was credited with having attested to the legitimacy of the signature of a deceased political uncle to finalize the donation of a Godoy Cruz house for the benefit of Salinas.

The Gambi case in detail

The investigation began at the request of the victim, Elsa Raquel Echegarayand is in the Fiscal Unit of Economic Crimes, in charge of the prosecutor Hernán Ríos Ruiz.


Prosecutor Hernán Ríos Ruiz.

This case is added to others that have Gambi as accused of five criminal acts that have occurred since 2013.

At 77 years old, Gambi added a new legal case linked to the exercise of his profession and the real estate market.

It all started in 2016 when Echegaray, aunt of the notary’s wife, claimed that the ATM was not sending her the tickets to pay the Real Estate Tax for the home she owned, at 2500 Lautaro Street in Godoy Cruz.

Thanks to information provided by the Municipality of Godoy Cruz, she found out that the house was no longer in her name and not in the name of her deceased husband, but that it belonged to her niece: María Inés Salinas.

The donation operation was recorded in official records and Salinas became the new owner.

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Deceased uncle’s signature

Gambi’s wife’s aunt was one of the owners of the property. The other was her husband, Virgilio Masegosa Sanchez.

From the comparison of certain information and official documentation, prosecutor Ríos determined that the deed of donation had been registered 2 days after the death of Masegosa Sánchezwhich occurred on June 13, 2016, according to the Civil Registry of Persons.

The owner of the house denied that she and her husband had signed the donation of the property for the benefit of the niece, after which the Justice ordered a calligraphic expert report.

The conclusions indicated that the signature that appears on the deed as belonging to the deceased Masegosa Sánchez does not belong to the same and that the signature in the name of the other owner of the house is legitimate.

Nor could it be determined who stamped the signature that appears as that of the deceased.

The signature of the notary public Gambi is also legitimate, which allowed the prosecutor to reach the conclusion that he was linked to the operation.

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