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‘El Mellizo’ reached an agreement with the United States authorities that granted him protection in that country and he was not deported to Colombia after regaining his freedom in August last year.

In Colombia, trials awaited him for his crimes committed in a long criminal life and for which he would receive the full sentence of justice ordinary by being expelled from the law of justice and peace.

Although representatives of ‘El Mellizo’ attend the process, the judge declared it in default because the former capo has not responded to the calls of the national justice system. Her defense attorney said at the hearing that her client has pleaded not guilty to the charge and that she will prove it in court.

The defense added that the prosecutor who has the case is not competent to advance the process considering that his client lost the recognition he had as a paramilitary and cannot be charged by an office attached to transitional justice and that the facts are not linked to his membership in the Self-Defense Forces.

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Now the Prosecutor’s Office brings him back to justice with his trusted man
Orlando Villa Zapata who was also expelled from the Justice and Peace Law.

Villa Zapata, who is deprived of liberty, also did not accept the imputed charge.

This is a case of offers and payments to officials of the Prosecutor’s Office to obtain benefits. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, from 2013 to 2017, Orlando Villa Zapata would have participated in bribery to deliver assets to former prosecutor Hilda Niño Farfán.

In her statement, the prosecutor said that Villa Zapata gave Niño Farfán different sums of money, which ranged in payments from one to 10 million pesos, as well as a white Toyota Lexus truck and a ring of 7 million pesos. The money was delivered to him in restaurants in Bogotáat home and even in his office at the Prosecutor’s Office.

Orlando Villa Zapata was expelled from Justice and Peace.

According to the exhibition, Villa, who became the second in command of the Vencedores de Arauca block of the Self-Defense Forces, handed over these goods with the purpose of going one step ahead of what was happening in Justice and Peace. He also did it so that his procedures would be expedited and some of the facts in that justice system would not be recounted in detail.

In front of Miguel Ángel Mejía, the Prosecutor’s Office assured that he offered and delivered money to the former magistrate of the Justice and Peace Chamber of the Superior Court of Bogotá Eduardo Castellanos Roso through his lawyer Marco Tulio Quintero.

This would have happened from 2013 to 2016 and he managed to give him $50,000 and other gifts. The money was delivered by the lawyer in restaurants and in meetings in parking lots in the country’s capital.

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The Prosecutor’s Office cited a letter that Mejía signed and sent to the former magistrate with his lawyer in which he told him: “help me in whatever you can to move these issues forward, which I know how to reward.”

From the former magistrate he would have obtained privileged information about the details of the room and favors such as postponements of proceedings.

Hilda Janeth Niño Farfán, prosecutor investigated

The investigative body has said that the prosecutor Niño Farfán misled several magistrates by not bringing up another trial against Villa Zapata.


Claudia Rubio / TIME

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Niño was the prosecutor who was in charge of the legal situation of the members of the Bloc Vencedores de Arauca, supposedly made up of ‘el Mellizo’ and Villa Zapata.

The five-year sentence was given as a result of the pre-agreement that Niño reached with the Attorney General’s Office, so the sentence it was anticipated.

Niño was arrested and detained since 2017, long before she was sentenced. For this reason, when the sentence became final, in August 2020, it was already expected that the former prosecutor would be granted the benefit of parole; fact that occurred on December 24 of that year after a decision of the 22nd Court of Execution of Sentences of Bogotá.

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