The new General Hospital of Tepic, Nayarit begins operations: Pedro Zenteno

To increase the decision-making capacity at the third level of care, the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (Issste) inaugurated the General Hospital “Dr. Achilles Calles Ramírez, La Cantera”for the benefit of around one million 800 rights holders in the region, informed the general director, Pedro Zenteno Santaella.

At the institute we are making progress in expanding the hospital infrastructure, which is why we are in Nayarit to fully activate the services of this new hospital that will strengthen health services, not only in the state but in the region, with 150 census beds and 59 beds. non-registered, 32 specialties, 35 doctor’s offices, seven operating rooms, an operating room for obstetric surgery, seven auxiliary diagnostic services and eight auxiliary treatment services.

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“The opening of this hospital will benefit 244 thousand 671 beneficiaries of Nayarit and will have a regional impact in the states of Jalisco, Durango and Sinaloa, adding around one million 800 thousand Issste beneficiaries who will be treated here,” said Pedro Zenteno.

He added that the Hospital “Dr. Aquiles Calles Ramírez, La Cantera” is a large hospital, equipped with the latest technology and trained medical personnel; in addition to facilities that are up to the level that Nayarit’s entitlement deserves.

This hospital is, without a doubt, a step practically to a third level. It will be available for the exchange of services and in close coordination with the health services of the different institutions, in accordance with the vision of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, of an integration of the Health sector, said the general director of Issste.

Governor Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero thanked the Issste head for strengthening the state’s medical infrastructure with this new hospital that will be able to ensure the health of Nayarit rights holders. He added that he will help the institute to improve the care provided to the population, mainly in promoting a preventive model in first-level medical units.

“Mexico is the first place in obesity, that is why it is important to strengthen primary health care, each person must be the protagonist of our own health. As workers, today more than ever, we have to improve and humanize care”, she pointed out.

Navarro Quintero joined the project to guarantee the universal right to health of the President of the Republic. “The president has fought to strengthen the country’s medical system, but he is not a magician, he needs the participation of all of us. If someone from Sinaloa, Sonora or Jalisco comes, he can be treated “.

In this sense, Pedro Zenteno told the governor that he has spearheaded the implementation of a different system that puts human beings at the center of the discussion and guarantees the right to health.

The general director of the Issste assured that this new medical infrastructure, added to the start-up of the General Hospital “Dr. Daniel Gurría Urgel” in Villahermosa, Tabasco, on May 16, and the Family Medicine Clinic with Specialty and Operating Room in Cuernavaca Morelos, on June 8, are part of Issste’s transformation strategy of bringing cutting-edge health services closer to the population.

The General Hospital “Dr. Aquiles Calles Ramírez, La Cantera” began work on April 15, 2020 in support of the COVID-19 health emergency, under the administration of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena).

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During this time, to support the strategy of following up on surgeries delayed by the pandemic, 20 percent of its services, considered a priority, remained open. Among them, outpatient surgery, rehabilitation, clinical laboratory, imaging, rheumatology, pediatrics, allergology, dysplasia clinic, nutrition and orthopedics.

The hospital was built in an area greater than 27 thousand square meters. It has state-of-the-art equipment to provide general consultation and within the medical specialties that it will offer are: allergology, angiology, cardiology, general surgery, pediatric surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, physiotherapy, gastroenterology, geriatrics, obstetrics-gynecology, hematology, infectious disease , among other.

After cutting the opening ribbon of the General Hospital “Dr. Aquiles Calles Ramírez, La Cantera”, Pedro Zenteno toured the facilities, accompanied by the Governor of Nayarit, Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero.


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