The Municipality will spend $43 million in the presentation of the winter season

This Thursday the amount that the Municipality of Córdoba will spend to carry out the presentation event of the winter tourist season, in which Ulises Bueno will also celebrate his 37th birthday, was revealed.

The amount (43 million pesos) drew attention and from the Palacio 6 de Julio they assured that it is a usual cost due to the logistics involved in such an event. The doubt arose because the money is for the production company that the quartet singer recommended.

Pablo Bianco, director of tourism for the municipality, told Channel 10: “These expenses have to do with the launch of the winter season of Córdoba Capital, which is going to have a historical record and which aims to generate 2,500 million pesos in the square” .

He also clarified that Ulises Buenos will not charge fees for the show. This was offered by the singer himself in a letter sent to the municipality where he said that his presentation is “a gift to the city.”

The official also explained that the Enjoy Night production company, which will be in charge of logistics and was recommended by the singer, is internationally approved and is capable of accommodating 50,000 people.

According to Bianco, the total cost includes the entire operation of the event: security, police, taxes, the preferential product agreed with hoteliers, setting up the stage, SADAIC, CAAPIF, ambulances, etc.

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