“The most spontaneous laugh on the circuit”: Andrea Moletto was highlighted at the Larry Moe Awards

The journalist and communicator Future Radio and DNA Radio, Andrea Moletto, was highlighted for her work at the Larry Moe Awardsaward ceremony held by The latest news.

The aforementioned medium highlighted Moletto as “the most spontaneous laugh on the circuit”. “Like every half year, it’s time to a new installment of the Larry Moe Awards, acclaimed and long-awaited recognition that falls on those who are starring in an outstanding season on national TV”, indicates the article of the newspaper of national circulation.

Andrea Moletto (‘National Chain’, Via X): The most spontaneous laugh on the circuit perfectly complements his insight when interviewing and talking”, they detailed about the journalist.

After knowing this distinction, Andrea Moletto maintained that “being in the Future these years has been by far the best school to lead Cadena Nacional. On the radio I have been able to be myself all the time, without false poses or characters… As my radio colleagues say – whom I adore – that rock is an attitude”.

He also revealed between laughs that “in the Future the auditors were not scared by my laughter hahahaha.”

the journalist word that is news Y Words Take Out Words of Radio Futuro, in addition to being A stable panelist for Radio ADN, he stood out at the LUN award ceremony.

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