the most disappointing series of 2022


These productions were excluded from the Emmy Awards despite very good reviews and good ratings in the United States. Why did they fail in Latin America?

Life & Beth, one of the least significant series of 2022.©GettyLife & Beth, one of the least significant series of 2022.

In terms of seriesthere is no doubt that Star+ It is one of the favorite streaming platforms for users. Productions that stood out during the last edition of the Emmy AwardsWhat Only murders in the building, The Dropout That is dope, are part of its catalog. However, there are fictions that in Latin America They didn’t have much impact. and they went unnoticed by many streaming platform subscribers.

Attention! Just because they don’t receive nominations at award shows or don’t trend in Spanish-speaking countries doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t worth it. For example, the last season of It’s us it was outstanding, although it was not later considered for the annual American Television Awards. In view of this, these are The 3-star+ series that failed to stand out sufficient.

+ Series 3 Star+ which failed in 2022

-The thing about Pam

The first season of The thing about Pam It was undoubtedly a strong commitment from the streaming platform. Renee Zellweger she puts herself in the shoes of the protagonist of this drama which is inspired by a real crime of international notoriety. This is the murder of Betsy Faria in 2011, a homicide that seemed easy to solve but has a murderous plan behind it. Although in the United States it reached 2.86 million viewers with its first episode, the truth is that in Latin America not much has been said about this series.

-Life and Beth

Another of the forgotten of the last Emmy Awards, was Life and Beththe creation of Amy Schumer which has him as the main character. What is it about? Its official synopsis reads: Beth’s life sounds good in theory. She does well as a wine seller, has a successful boyfriend, and lives in Manhattan. When a sudden event forces Beth to engage with her past, her life is changed forever.“. On sites like Rotten Tomatoes, it received favorable reviews. However, it hasn’t completely won over Latino users of the service.

-American Horror Stories

The series of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck They tend to be synonymous with success. This has been shown, for example, by american horror story. However, its spin-off titled American Horror Stories, did not obtain the same results. The anthology series featured weekly episodes framed in the horror genre. But, unlike the original plot, it is not one of the most striking productions in the Star+ catalog.

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