The mission of the Josephine Sisters will continue in Laguna

With pride, the Spanish Sanatorium issued a statement in which it clarified that the members of the Congregation of the Josefina Sisters will not leave for Jalisco, but will continue to watch over the lagoon patients.

In an interview, the sisters Margarita and Antonia Acosta Ávila mentioned that the congregation has accompanied the sanatorium since its foundation, more than eight decades ago first in health and pastoral work, and for 31 years they have focused only on this second work.


His efforts have been focused on giving spiritual support to patients and their families.

“We are attentive to the patient in the spiritual sense of the human being, from birth to death. If anointing is necessary, extreme unction, if he needs to talk to a priest, we look for him to do that, or if you need to talk with us, we are also available”, said Antonia Acosta.

With their talk, or the connection they make with the priests, they have a mission that has been fulfilled for more than three quarters of a century in the Spanish Sanatorium.


“What we seek is to help them revive their faith, comfort them; if it is the case, to say goodbye to your family member, that they forgive and be forgiven, that they do not prolong the suffering. This has also served to make the patient aware and order her feelings. We have seen how they are calmer, ”she said.

the satisfactions


Margarita Acosta has been fulfilling her mission in the Shire for 21 years; Antonia Acosta, 15. During that time, they have worked so that people find peace of mind in times of pain and suffering. But there have also been positive experiences. “What has left us most satisfied is seeing the recovery that some patients have. With many of them, at first, it was thought that they would not overcome their situation. But to see them get up with crutches, first, and then that they no longer need anything, nhas given you joy. The same goes for premature babies. Not long ago a mass was celebrated for them, because there was no good prognosis; we saw their parents cry, clinging to the fact that they didn’t want them to leave. But then we saw the babies get ahead,” said Margarita Acosta. Another aspect that has left them satisfied is the atmosphere of respect which is becoming more common, beyond the different beliefs that are professed among patients. This has even led the sisters to lend their help to people of different religions.



The Congregation of the Josephine Sisters was created in Mexico 150 years ago, on September 22, 1872by the father José María Vilaseca and the mother Cesárea Ruíz de Esparza y ​​Dávalos, known as the mother Cesarita.

With a presence throughout Mexico and countries such as the United States, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Angola or Venezuela, its intention is “to care for the life of Jesus following the example of Mary and Joseph”, especially among the poorest. For that reason, her apostolate is dedicated to schools, girls’ homes, nursing schools and hospitals. To achieve this, they have opened multiple schools for girls, youth and women.

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