The Merlina actress who was inspired by Hitchcock for her role


One of Merlina’s names with an interesting background in the Hollywood film industry admitted that Hitchcock inspired her. Who is this?

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Merlin is now available in netflix and with the arrival of the character embodied by Jenna Ortega there are also plenty of familiar faces that are part of this story that mixes fantasy and terror while adding another chapter to the mythology of The Addams Family which is present in movies, TV shows, comics and even video games.

One of the actresses Merlin was very satisfied with her work in the series of netflix. It is gwendoline christiewho in this fiction lends his body to Larisa Weemsthe person in charge of Never again the Academy who is in charge of very special young people who could not fit in a place with different characteristics, as is the case of the protagonist of the television show netflixyoung Addams.

The actress of game of thrones Yes star wars revealed that the director of Merlin, Tim Burtongave her all her confidence to develop the character of Weems, which made her very happy because it was a great opportunity for someone she defined as a “master of cinema”. Admittedly, the career of the director of Batman Yes Young Scissorhands speaks for itself.

Gwendoline Christie satisfied with her role in Merlina

“What kept coming back to me was this idea of ​​this Hitchcockian heroine, this screen siren, that perhaps this young woman would look through our mystical portal, the cinema, to be an embodiment of her fantasies. And strangely, Tim had the exact same idea and so did Colleen Atwood. »the actress said uh on the approach he has developed for this essential character within Merlin.

gwendoline christie refers to teepee hedren Yes Kim Novak in this conversation. She said: “While Hitchcock’s heroines tend to go through all kinds of trauma, it was exciting for me to be a woman in charge of her own destiny, who was ruthlessly ambitious and willingly put herself in extreme situations and dangerous. ».

“It’s the first time that I feel beautiful on screen”Christie said, adding: “I cannot express my deepest gratitude to Tim and Colleen and our hair and makeup team. Colleen Atwood is deservedly a legend”. At the same time, he reveals that through Hitchcock’s cinema, he was able to appropriate “a different way of moving, with poise, elegance and a more ballet posture”essential features for your Larisa Weems.

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