The Mendoza Senate called a public hearing for new judges promoted by Rodolfo Suarez

For these hours the reception of accessions and challenges for the candidates is still open.


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The Senate received another proposal from the governor

Gabriela Cornejo She was promoted by Governor Rodolfo Suarez to be an official defender in the Judiciary of the Eastern zone.

From now on, the Senate must call a public hearing and complete the process with the secret ballot in the Senate of Mendoza, as will happen with Bittar and Boullaude.

Increase turnover in the Judiciary

Cornejo, Boullaude and Bittar join other magistrates who were promoted by the president and finally approved by the provincial Senate.

Among others, Cecilia Saint-André, who already serves as head of the Public Ministry of Defense, and Rodrigo Gauna Henríquez, who accepted the position that Judge Antonio Sánchez Rey left vacant in 2020 when he was dismissed by the Prosecution Jury.

In the medium term, a greater turnover is expected in the ranks of magistrates of the Judicial Power, especially in the criminal jurisdiction, as a result of resignations due to retirement.

It will undoubtedly contribute that ANSES unlocked the withdrawal of more than 30 judges and prosecutors from Mendoza, a process that is being carried out in stages and in batches of 4 or 5 usías.

It is that ANSES determined, from a new regulation, that the magistrates who want to access the retirement benefit must resign effectively and without chargewhich implied a radical change to the historical modality of receiving the first retirement to leave the position later.

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