The luxurious Miami apartment where Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul spend their vacations

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul are vacationing in Miami Beach, where they spared no expense and in Show Partners they revealed the large amounts of money they invested in the hotel where they stayed for a few days before their return to Argentina.

The place where the happy couple decided to stay is in the exclusive neighborhood of Brickell in Miami Beach. The place is best known for being the financial hub, where glittering business towers and luxury condominiums tower over Biscayne Bay.

The apartment is one of the most luxurious in the area. They are stopping at Brickell, which is the top. the place is awesome. The value depends on each type of apartment, but one with three or four bedrooms costs more than 900 thousand dollars. Almost a green stick”, commented Rodrigo Lussich.

Adrian Pallares he pointed: “He earned it with good work. The boat is for a honeymoon, to take a walk, so surely in a few hours we will see the first photos”. “That works out more than 1500 dollars an hour! If you stay in the girlfriend’s house, the least you can do is rent a boat”, remarked Mariana Brey.

The athlete seems to have been angry with his mother before going on a trip with his girlfriend. When the chronicler of the program asked him if he personally knew Tinythe mother of Rodrigo answered: “No, I didn’t know her. If he’s happy, we’re all happy.”. After this, the notero replied: “Is there going to be a presentation?”to which she replied: “I dont know. I know nothing. Today I am going to my sister’s house to spend Father’s Day with my children. He is now with the children”. On the other hand, she talked about her relationship with Camila Homs: “All good, all great”.

After the note made Karina Iavicoli analyzed the answers given: “I have the feeling that the lady respects the son, but it seems to me that she is not very happy with everything that is happening. She loves Camila very much. This is a great note, you have to know the subtexts well. The lady does not know Camila Tini Stoessel. When Rodrigo’s birthday was, all of TIni’s family was there, but De Paul’s family was not there.”.

Secondly, by Paul He is spending a lot on vacation, but in Argentina he has to settle pending accounts with his ex Camila Homs, that is why the model’s lawyer spoke: “Camila goes for what corresponds to a woman who was twelve years in a relationship, who has two minor children, let’s remember that one did not even turn one year old. She goes for what corresponds to each woman, to each person who has lived together that amount of time and that is what our Civil Code provides”.

He added: “The economic compensation has several parameters endorsed by the Justice, then there is this whole issue of the gender perspective that in Argentina is accessed up to 50% of everything that has been earned in the couple during the course of it”.

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