The legal process between Ninel Conde and Guivani Medina ends, they reach an agreement!

MEXICO CITY.- Ninel Conde is undoubtedly one of the most popular artists in the middle of the showbut he has also been the protagonist of controversies such as his legal “fight” with his ex-partner Giovanni Medina for custody of his son.

A few hours ago, through her Instagram account, Ninel Conde released a statement in which she revealed that after a long legal process, she would have decided with Giovanni Medina to reach an agreement.

In the document it was made clear that the decision made is for the well-being of their son, who until now has been a priority, which is why they decided to put an end to all the disputes and controversies that have occurred between them.

In addition, the couple has decided to collaborate with each other, to fulfill the objective of caring for and offering the best development to their son, each one with a pre-established role that contributes in the best way to the growth of the child.

We have decided to put these disputes aside and collaborate with each other to achieve the goal of raising our youngest son in the best way, giving him an even start and the best development opportunities within our reach, ”says part of the statement.

The couple also made it clear that they will maintain a relationship of respect, collaboration and good customs between them, however, they clarified that these terms would remain private.

Finally, it can be read that they always recommended reaching a dialogue, agreements, reasoning before reaching a court order because there is always an opportunity for reflection and understanding.

Ninel Conde sends an emotional message to her son Emmanuel

It was through her Instagram account that the singer shared a series of very emotional photographs where Ninel appears next to Emanuel from her first days to her first years of life.

“Happy birthday to the man of my life… my little piece of heaven, flesh of my flesh… my gift from heaven. I love you for eternity. That this year I can give you all the kisses, hugs and love that I have saved for you for almost now three years. Neither time nor distance nor any other created thing will be able to break that divine bond between you and me. Your mom loves you ”can be read in the publication.

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