The lapidary comment of José Luis Espert for Suarez and Cornejo

On Monday, a photo of the annual dinner of the Liberty Foundationin which several figures of Together for Change and national liberalism sharing the same table. For this reason, MDZ Radio communicated with the national deputy Joseph Louis Esperta politician who shared the “mesaza” and who was listed as one of the new opposition figures, although he stated everything to the contrary and charged against the radicalism.

The members of the table were the former president Mauricio Macri, the president of PROPatricia Bullrich, the ex-governor of Mendoza Alfredo Cornejo and the current governor of mendoza, Rodolfo Suarez, together with the liberal deputy Espert. This generated endless speculation that the Liberals want to join forces with Together for Change to defeat the Kirchnerism.

In this regard, the legislator freedom advances He commented that his attendance at that dinner is “frequent and he does it every year”, because it is one of “the most important meetings that liberals have throughout the country”.

Expert pointed against the radicals for “wanting to join liberalism” to recruit votes thinking about 2023. “The criticism should not be against me, who goes every year to the annual liberal dinner, but against the radicals and the coalition of Together for Changewho are not fools and see that the people are taking an interest in our political thinking”, he stated.

“Today a large part of the political class of Together for Change they can combine the liberal verb that two years ago did not even occur to them. The strange thing is what the radicals like Alfredo Cornejo Y Rodolfo Suarez at a table of liberals,” he added.

On the other hand, the national legislator did not rule out allying with Javier Milei, if there is the possibility of thinking about a presidential candidacy. “With Miley I have a good relationship and as a liberal that I am, I respected his decision to open up from the party that we formed for last year’s elections. I have no problems with him, although it depends on him that we play together again in a political formula,” he asserted.

Equally, Expert He said that it is too early to talk about candidacies, when “people ask the political class to give them answers,” but he did not rule out his interest in being president of the Nation or maybe governor of your province next year. “I can be a candidate for president as a candidate for governor of Buenos Aires, taking advantage of last year’s event. However, the province will be critical of our party, having been born here and currently living in it,” he stated.

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