The ‘Lady of the potatoes’ and her great enthusiasm

For the Laguneros, attending a sporting event goes beyond watching their team play, it is an experience that they treasure and part of it are the characters that can be found in those scenarios, such as a fun dancer who spreads her joy, the popular “potato lady”.

Known above all in the stadium of the Revolution, for her occurrences during the games of the Algodoneros del Unión Laguna, while offering her fries prepared with sauces and lemon, a product in high demand in sports settings, she is already a target of the looks of the fans to the King of Sports. Many people from La Laguna have seen her dance, laughed at her jokes and, of course, bought her “potato chips” to share while watching the game, but few know that “the potato lady” is actually Silvia Lira Román, Lagunera who will turn 60 on November 3 and is an example of joy and work.


“I’ve been selling potatoes here in baseball for 16 years, I also sometimes go to where Santos plays, I went last Sunday, I sell potatoes, churros, peanuts, I have a great time at my job, I’m passionate about it and I like it,” he said. Silvia, as always, with a smile on her face. Mother of two young men who now have their own families, Mrs. Silvia has searched by her own means and always with enthusiasm, a decent way to earn a living and be productive, working practically all day, finding baseball the most fun of your current diary.

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