The incident of Flor Peña and a father at his son’s school: “He approached me and told me…”

Before the end of the first week of LPAand after the controversy that arose around his new late night show on America, Florence Pena He shared on air an unusual episode that he experienced at the door of his youngest son’s school when he went to pick him up on Thursday, May 12.

“They don’t know what happened to me today”launched the driver entering the subject and continued: “Turns out I went to pick up the boys from school. I am a very present mother. I have three children: Toto, Juan and Felipe. I went punctually to pick up the youngest at school”.

“I am standing there, 10 mothers, one father. Get your own conclusions. Women, women, women… and a man. Well, that man who was there approaches me and I say: another one who is going to come to tell me something. He comes up to me and says hello, how are you?Flor continued.

And I add: “He comes and tells me: I loved the program, you make me laugh and that women don’t make me laugh. Like telling everyone else no, but me yes”. Outraged by the comment of the man in question, the actress stated: “Stop! What is that statement that women don’t make me laugh?

“As if it were a universal maxim. It’s that thing about women in humor. Seriously, it happens in the groups that say bring it to whore because we need a feminine look. Guys, I don’t see up close, I don’t see far away, and am I going to have a feminine look? Peña ironized.

“He told me: he loved the program, you make me laugh and that women don’t make me laugh. As if it were a Universal maxim,” the actress launched.

And as if her release were a kind of monologue or stand up, Flor finished: “It is not like this. But there’s also that humor thing where they say that if it’s funny, it won’t… I don’t want to say it loudly because otherwise they get upset. If it’s funny, it shouldn’t be very co…”.

“And I want to tell you something. I am very funny and I do not stop co… . I get up in the morning and… And I am very funny. No, really, we’re done with this, it has nothing to do with being funny with what I do. You can not be funny at all and neither. It happens to you or it doesn’t and I enjoy life”, Pena closed.

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