The history of the mural “Patience and time”

Recently, in the main hall of High School 8 of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), the mural “Patience and time” was unveiled by the artist from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Obey Calderon. Said project began to take shape in November 2021 and it was from March 15 to April 20 that it entered the process. It measures 11.6 meters long by 2.5 meters high. To carry out the work, Obed was assisted by his colleague Majo Guerra Mendoza.

In an interview for THE REPORTER, the painter offers more details about this work that takes its inspiration from the concerns and development of the area, the La Palmita neighborhood and the adjoining neighborhoods in Zapopan. “Since November I have been researching the problems in the area, talking with students and taking into account that I wanted to leave a message that was universal to a certain extent, that spoke to people of all times and that students, workers and communities could feel stimulated. people when they see the mural.”

In the work the artist addresses the humanities, the exact sciences, but also portrays social problems such as addictions and teenage pregnancy, “metaphorically, making it clear that these are situations that they (students) must avoid in order to reach their human potential”, he also highlights that there is a rhythm that marks the movement of the characters that appear in it. The mural is made in the fresco technique, which is complex because it has a time limit to be able to work because it dries quickly.

Obed remembers that the way to crystallize this project was because in October 2021 he attended a contest organized by the Museum of Environmental Sciences: “Several groups participated, I put together one called ‘Mural Action’ and we got very good results, they participated several compañeras from CUAAD, we carried out the work and since then there had been approaches with the high school, but nothing had materialized. And as soon as this mural (the one for the contest) is finished, when an honorable mention is obtained, the directors are interested in a mural in high school, because they didn’t have it”, even though the school is already over 30 years old.

But this was the trigger to get to work, the directors covered the cost and donated the work to the patrimony of the University of Guadalajara, Obed highlights that as an artist he had no bias to express himself.

Obey He is a graduate of the Visual Arts for Plastic Expression degree from the University Center for Art, Architecture and Design (SQUARE) and specializes in the creation of mural work. “I think that the mural work is a permanent cultural asset and can be brought to people in a constant way.” He shares that there is a plan to hold an exhibition next August in Reynosa; in fact, it is in his interest to return to his city to develop there, but always linked to Guadalajara. For more information, browse the artist’s official site:


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