The Government’s optimistic forecast on when inflation will begin to fall

The new Secretary of Commerce, Matias Tomboliniannounced that he is working on the relaunch of the program Prices Care for the next 45 days, although he clarified that he does not believe in price freezes or “persecutory” or “punitive” measures to enforce agreements with supermarkets.

“We are going to work on a relaunch of Prices Care, and we will try in the next version with a variety of products that are focused on the main brands with volume guarantees using a lot of technology. Today cellular technology apps are a great tool that allow you to manage the family budget. Not the person with the bib who puts the closing belt on you. A photo on social networks of those who do not comply is more dissuasive,” he said. Tombolini in dialogue with radio Splendid.

And he added: “What you have to do is work on the incentives. What hurts the most is not the fine but that they touch your pocket. I think what you have to do is review the increases to deploy strategies so that they go back or that the average increase for the next cases is not valid. If the increase is merely speculative, it will be necessary to see if it has enough stock in terms of imported increases”.

Tombolini also referred to the inflation July, which reached 7.4%, and promised a decrease for the month of September, although he ruled out shock measures.

“The inflation it is not resolved by the Ministry of Commerce, it has multiple causes and the approach is done from the macro, complying with the fiscal guideline, trying not to skyrocket expenses with respect to income, lowering the level of monetary issue to finance the deficit, financing the reserves, improving the trade surplus that seeks to slow down the general dynamics of prices,” he explained.

“We intend not to make forecasts because it is not our function, but I think we must understand that there is no magic solution. There is no superminister but a roadmap and the results will be seen as the measures take effect. We hope that inflation does not continue to rise, and that it begins to slow down. There is no shock because we do not have the buffers for the social impact that this would imply,” he added. Tombolini.

“Immediate results do not exist, and those who promise them are baiting you. That is why Macri must take charge and that is why society chose not to trust him in 2019,” closed the new Secretary of Commerce.

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