The Government will not modify its relationship with Maduro due to the retained plane

Venezuela and Iran They have been offering very different answers with respect to their citizens who were traveling on the cargo plane from Mexico last Monday the 6th and who remains detained in Ezeiza due to suspicions of espionage by those crew members, and even international terrorism, something that has not been able to document themselves with the expertise of their laptops, their tablets and their cell phones.

Caracas presented weak signs of support for the government but Tehran He questions him in public for having suspected the five citizens of that country. At best, it is expected that Venezuela will initiate a lawsuit for having detained “an absolutely normal flight” without evidence, something very different from what could happen with respect to the presence of Iranians on the plane, questioned by the opposition. , Jewish community organizations and the Israeli embassy itself.

The plane, which belonged to the Iranian company Mahan Airdenounced by the United States for its collaboration in arms trafficking and terrorist activities, especially in the civil war in syriais now indicated by the Iranian embassy as having been sold to Venezuela in a clear attempt to delimit responsibility for what happened.

Businesses grow with Tehran

With respect to Iran, there is the peculiarity that there is almost no political relationship while trade links continue to grow, with exports of USD1,228 million in 2021a figure that quadruples those of 2020 and 2019. The last milestone of that terrible diplomatic relationship was the inaction of Daniel Captainichambassador to Nicaragua and assistant to the presidential inauguration of Daniel Ortega, in the act in which the Iranian official participated Mohsen Rezaione of those wanted by Interpol for the 1994 attack on the AMIA headquarters.


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