The Government promotes gastronomy as a key piece to consolidate the Mendoza brand

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The private sector also came out to celebrate the initiative, and from the Hotel, Gastronomy and Related Business Association (AEGHA) claimed their paternity fee of the project, noting that The idea arose from the Annual Forum of Origin and Gastronomic Identity that they carried out together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

With all these guarantees, plus the majority that the Government has in both chambers, everything seems to indicate that The project is on its way to becoming law in the short term, although before it must go through the commissions of Economy, Tourism and Health. According to Testa, he does not need to go through the Budget commission because it does not affect the pattern of expenses planned for this year.

“The idea is that there are programs that they can prioritize gastronomy, although a part of the activity could already be turned on to programs such as Mendoza Activa and Semilla. But at the same time the idea is to strengthen it as employment booster, since the gastronomic tourism evolved and It has already exceeded the framework of the table, incorporating all the sectors of the food and tourism chain of a destination into the offersuch as producers, (vegetables and fruit), processing companies (dairy factories, canneries, wineries, etc.), the tourism and hotel sector (restaurants, accommodation and gastronomic companies)” Testa expanded.

Although it sounds pretentious, the Government’s intention is that the local gastronomy manages to print the Mendoza stamp on the appetite of touristsand that at the same time serves to link the foods of origin with the majority consumer.

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How gastronomic tourism is linked to food of origin

The proposal to encourage gastronomic tourism in Mendoza also aims to fStrengthen the use of what is called identity foodWhat are they those that are produced in the province and that have acquired characteristics of the terroir.

a delicacy Several restaurants in this area offer barbecue. They are the favorite places of families. (ONE – Nicholas Galuya)

“If gastronomy is encouraged and prioritized, at the same time the consumption of local products is strengthened, and it even guides production. Here, for example, INTA has already proven that the onion produced in the province has specific characteristics and the idea is that that type of products, as well as nuts, stand out in the local gastronomy menu and we can generate an identity cuisine”, said Gabriela Testa.

The project also aims to articulate actions between the public and the private to enhance food and wine tourism and favor that the trends of Km0 products are installedwhich are the ones are produced or processed in the same area in which they are consumedwith the idea that gastronomic establishments are committed to sustaining the “gastronomic heritage”.

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