The Government of Tlalnepantla begins an intense journey to recover public spaces in Valle Dorado and other neighborhoods

The Government of Tlalnepantla launched the Recovery of Public Spaces program in Valle Dorado, a day in which the pruning of trees will be attended, whose goal is to attend to a total of 1,800, maintenance and, in certain cases, change of lights, as well as complementary works such as beaconing.

Leading this day, the Municipal President, Marco Antonio Rodríguez Hurtado, pointed out that the objective of entering this subdivision is to promptly attend to the spread of a parasite that affects the trees, leaving them dry, and that if its transmission continues, it could have a serious impact on the environment of the municipality.

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He highlighted the urgency of implementing actions that effectively address this problem, which, according to the survey carried out, affects between 25 and 35 percent of all trees in Valle Dorado, hence the goal of pruning 1,800 trees and knock down the five percent, which are the ones that can no longer recover.

“Today we enter this subdivision with the pruning work and the intention is not to leave until the image is improved and the environment and places of comfort are recovered, but above all, our environment, which is one of the priority issues. of the municipal agenda and that we must attend to in order to ensure a better tomorrow for families”, affirmed the Mayor.

He pointed out that in addition to the pruning work that is carried out by trained and professional personnel, as part of this day it is planned to maintain the lights and, if necessary, change them for new ones, which will reinforce security in the area for the benefit of families.

The head of Environmental Sustainability, Daniel Arreola Álvarez, reported that the pruning of trees was determined after the evaluation of specialists, who affirm that if the spread of mistletoe, a parasite that is being transmitted by birds and squirrels, is not addressed promptly. of the region, in a period of five to eight years Valle Dorado could be left without trees.

For this reason, he explained, three phases were implemented: the first was the survey to detect where the parasite is; the second phase consists of evaluating what stage the mistletoe is in, which showed that the parasite is in its first stage, so tree pruning is viable to attack it; while the third phase is to decide what is going to be done, for which there are three options: simple pruning, where the 1,800 trees are contemplated, treatment by means of agrochemicals and, the last option, the felling of the tree , for which
it is planned to plant five species for each felling.

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It should be noted that on this Saturday, the Municipal President also led the work to improve the urban image in the median of Jesús Reyes Heroles Avenue, where along four kilometers, in the section that includes Mario Colín Avenue to the limits with the Azcapotzalco Mayor’s Office, the pruning of green areas and trees, the change of lights and the corresponding beaconing was carried out.

Public servants from different areas of the Municipal Administration participated in these tasks, with the aim of generating a clean space, free of weeds and well lit, thus dignifying the area and guaranteeing greater security for the population that lives or transits through the surroundings.


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