The government of Santiago del Estero acquires a Boeing 737 Fireliner hydrant plane

Through an official statement, the company North America Coulson Aviation reported the sale of a hydrant aircraft to the province of Santiago del Estero. The information was released on May 12, communicating the steps taken by the government for the acquisition of Boeing 737 Fireliner.

Based on what was expressed by Coulson Aviation, the initiative for the acquisition of the Boeing 737 Fireliner was undertaken by the governor of the province of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora. The amount of the acquisition amounts to USD 15 million.

Through what was expressed by Miguel Mandrille, Minister of Production of Santiago del Estero, the Boeing 737 Fireliner will be operated from Las Termas Río Hondo. To this end, the provincial government plans the construction of a hangar for the maintenance of the aircraft and training of the personnel in charge.

Adapted and modified for fighting forest fires, Coulson Aviation’s Boeing 737 Fireliner has the capacity to transport 15,050 liters of water. In turn, it can be used to transport up to 72 passengers when it does not perform firefighting tasks. It has all the certifications issued by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) of the United States.

Although I do not specify the scope of the National Defense and the Argentine Armed Forces, from the Military Zone we have repeatedly indicated the necessary incorporation of this type of aircraft. Fires such as those that have recently affected the coastal towns show that this type of investment by the provincial and national governments cannot be delayed any longer. In turn, from the government of Santiago del Estero they have expressed that the intention is that the Boeing 737 Fireliner can provide assistance to other provinces, as well as to countries in the region that require it.

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