The Goddess and her partner Rey El Mago pose again in their wedding dresses: "Happiness is inside"

The Cuban singer The goddess and his partner, the producer King The Magician, they tried on their wedding suits again to relive the happiness they experienced and to thank the family and the great team they have built.

“Happiness is interior, not exterior, therefore it does not depend on what we have but on what we are: a family. Trying on the suit again,” the artist wrote on her social networks.

The publication featured La Diosa with her white lace and tulle wedding dress and a strapless neckline, while Rey El Mago wore a black suit.

In addition to the beautiful family they have created, Rey El Mago has turned to supporting La Diosa in her solo career. Their first big success together was the singer’s first concert that was broadcast on Vimeo last June and which had a huge reception and allowed the artist to show her talent.

The Goddess and King The Magician have a daughter in common, Reychel. The singer has an older child, Axel, the fruit of a previous relationship, but whom the producer loves and cares for as if he were his own.

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