"the glare of time" moves you and excites you

Poetic theater arrives in Córdoba with the proposal of Maria Soledad Ranzuglia:

“The Shining of Time”

Single function: Thursday, May 19 at 9:00 p.m., in The Key Theater. Gauss Avenue 5730

An emotional solo show with text, direction and performance by María Soledad Ranzuglia.

Duration: one hour

The music that accompanies the entire work is a composition by the Argentine keyboardist Hugo Bistolfi

María Soledad Ranzuglia, charm and poetry
María Soledad Ranzuglia, charm and poetry

What is it about…

“To grow in time is to wither. Growing up is embracing more and more our Presence, Who We Are, that is the audacity of our transparency… I no longer want to ignite what does not last, it is time to assume the Radiance…” says a writer in the mountains, one night when contemplating the landscape of his hours evoking from the line of his time, those diamonds, sorry, moments always open to the initial mood; the unconditionality of a resounding Joy when traversing from the memory of the Present, love, vocation, undiscovered wealth, the permanence of beloved voices, the phosphorescence of what can never leave. An intimate and revealing invitation where contradictions are illuminated only to shine before the arrival of dawn.

Thus, Time, Poetics and Women, a theatrical trilogy, may transcend us little by little until it turns the landscape into a perennial glow, without fictions, framed in a certainty that you will love to remember.

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Information and tickets: www.teatrolallave.com

A single person that will surprise you
A single person that will surprise you

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