The Gladiators visited Alta Gracia crowning themselves Champions

LISTEN to the words of GUILLERMO MILANO, coach of the Argentine Men’s Handball Team on LA 580 DEPORTIVA on Radio UNIVERSIDAD.

The National Team ended its visit to Alta Gracia after four fruitful days in which the coach William Milano He took the opportunity to observe several players who usually do not have many minutes in competition, in addition to adding local athletes and others who compete abroad and who debuted with the Gladiators jersey.

The albiceleste team is focused on the Odesur Games that will be held in Asunción del Paraguay, from October 1 to 15, and that will be a qualifier for Santiago de Chile 2023, an inexorable path to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Further away, Argentina has in view the World Cup that will be played in Poland and Sweden from January 12 to 29 of next year and to which it is already qualified.

The Gladiators visited Alta Gracia crowning themselves Champions

Heading for that demanding second part of the year, Los Gladiadores put on a good performance at the Alta Gracia Sports Center, winning the title undefeated before a large audience that accompanied the team. Uruguay took second place in the international triangle after beating Paraguay 37:24 on the last day.

At the initiative of the city’s Secretary of Public Management, Culture, Tourism and Sports, friendly matches were included in the match grid between Cordoban teams such as the Municipality of Alta Gracia, Colegio Angloamericano and Escuela Pias, in addition to the team’s invitation Tucuman Ladricer, giving them the possibility of having a high-level touch when facing the Selections of Uruguay and Paraguay.

The visit of the National Team to the city of Cordoba in the framework of an international competition was the first in Argentina since the pandemic began, the last precedent being the Four Nations played in San Juan in October 2019. The proceeds from the Ticket sales went to a fund for the children who will represent the city of Alta Gracia in the National Adult Handball Tournament.

In sports, Argentina demonstrated its status as the great favorite to win the triangle after achieving two loose victories: on Friday it defeated Paraguay 52:12 and on Saturday Uruguay 37:19. Although in both games Milano took the opportunity to rotate and try different tactical variants, in the debut against Paraguay, a match that had no equivalencies from the first minutes, The Gladiators had an outstanding job by Juan Bar in goal and by Francisco Lombardi and Facundo Cangiani in attack, effective on counterattacks and on the wings.

Against Uruguay, with a more even development mainly in the first half, Argentina had as determinants Pedro Martínez, Agustín Forlino in the goal and the work in the two areas of the Cordoba Franco Gavidia.

The Gladiators visited Alta Gracia crowning themselves Champions

Top scorers vs Paraguay: Francisco Lombardi (8), Juan Saco (6), Facundo Cangiani (6), Martín Jung (5), Tobías Torossian (5), Juan Pablo Fernández (4), Federico Fernández (4), Lucas Aizen ( 3), Julián Santos (3), Pedro Martínez (2), Santiago Barceló (2), Fabrizio Casanova (2), Agustín Forlino (2), Nicolás Bonanno, James Parker, Mariano Canepa, Franco Gavidia, Juan Bar and Federico Wermbter .

Top scorers vs Uruguay: Pedro Martínez (6), Juan Pablo Fernández (4), Francisco Lombardi (3), Juan Saco (3), Lucas Aizen (3), Santiago Barceló (3), Franco Gavidia (3), James Parker ( 2), Facundo Cangiani (2), Fabrizio Casanova (2), Tobías Torossian (2), Federico Fernández (2), Martín Jung (1), Mariano Cánepa (1), Julián Santos, Nicolás Bonanno, Juan Bar, Federico Wermbter and Agustin Forlino.

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