the film to see absolutely if you liked The Wrath of God


This week the new film with Diego Peretti, Juan Minujín and Macarena Achaga arrived on the platform. If you’ve seen it, we have another option for you.

The Wrath of God was directed by Sebastián Schindel.©IMDBThe Wrath of God was directed by Sebastián Schindel.

This Wednesday in premiere the netflix a new psychological thriller produced in Argentina, with the title of The wrath of God. Done by Diego Peretti, Juan Minujin and Macarena Achagatells the story of a young woman who believes that the famous writer Kloster he is implicated in a succession of homicides in his family. If you could already see it and wanted more stories of this style, we have an alternative for you.

how do you know The wrath of God It is based on the detective novel. The slow death of Luciana B.from Argentina Guillaume Martinez. It is precisely this author born in the city of Bahía Blanca who gives us the opportunity to see another story of murders and mysteries that may interest you. In this occasion we will talk about one that had an international flight, with high figures in Hollywood.

It is The Oxford Murdersa film released in 2008 and directed by Alex de la Iglesia and which counted in its cast with the protagonists of Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings) Yes injured john (Extraterrestrial). It was a co-production between three different countries, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, and was commissioned to adapt the novel Invisible crimesthat the author had published in 2003.

The story focuses on Martin (Wood)a student who leaves the United States to settle in Oxford, England, in order to complete his thesis under the orders of Arthur Seldon. However, all will be left behind when the owner of the house he lives in is found dead and he finds himself embroiled in a homicide investigation with his teacher, while the criminal dedicates himself to leaving them with one clue after another. .

+The next film by Álex de la Iglesia

Still without a confirmed release date, this year the director’s next film behind The Oxford Murders. It is BlaBlaCara comedy starring Albert Saint-Jeanwho has in his cast Blanca Suarez, Ernesto Alterio and Rubén Cortada. The film centers on a 50-year-old divorced man who downloads a ridesharing app and begins sharing rides with Lorraine, Who are you in love with. Everything will change when an unbearable passenger embarks on one of his rides and causes all sorts of trouble.

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