The fight grows in the Front of All and no one is silent anymore

Maybe because Alberto Fernandez Before traveling to the United States, he said that he was no longer going to “shut up more nothing” or because previously Pope Francis, whom they also follow, asked them to “make a mess”, the national deputy of the Evita Movement, Leo Grossoended a day of open discussion in the ruling party by publicly reproaching Governor Axel Kicillof and the Minister of Security, sergio bernifor evicting, including repression, the demonstrators who gathered in Puente La Noria to complain about the violent robbery suffered by the school in Villa Fiorito, Lomas de Zamora.

“Repressing teachers cannot be an answer IN ANY GOVERNMENT. You have to step on the neighborhoods and listen to the people,” said the national legislator on twitter, who had also complained to the authorities of the General San Martín School Council for the closure of an educational establishment in Chilavert, which had to close due to the intense cold due to the lack of heating.

But this situation makes clear the complexity that the front of all after the new speech of the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner last Monday, in which he openly criticized the social movements by insinuating that they kept the money of the poor and asking that everything be transferred to the orbit of the governorates and the mayors.

Night teachers 103, located in Lomas de Zamora, was robbed with rifles and pistols last night and today the students, teachers and parents said they were fed up with so much insecurity. Just today, very close to there, the Minister of Security landed with his helicopter to evict the truck drivers who were protesting for lack of fuel, with little success.

It is not a minor fact that the political chief of this district of the South of the Greater Conurbation is Martin InsaurraldeKicillof’s chief of staff and strategic ally of Maximo Kirchnerwho in turn maintains a direct fight with the Avoid Movement for several years when in an act the followers of Aemilius Persian they raised a flag saying that in ten years much had been done, but much remained to be done. Those things obviously suck.


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