The FCF denied information about negotiations with Ricardo Gareca

After the journalist’s announcement Diego Rueda from the program VBar Caracolwhich aroused the interest of the coffee fans, due to the possibility that the Argentine Ricardo Gareca was chosen by the Colombian Soccer Federation to take the direction of the Colombia selectionafter the departure of Reinaldo WheelAll kinds of reactions were generated.

The information revealed this Friday caused an impact on social networks as to whether it was true that the coach who currently ruled the destinations of Perufor what will be the playoff that will define the course of the Inca complex in Qatar 2022will reach the national bench with a view to the next qualifying round.

FCF denied that there were approaches with the Argentine coach. Photo: Instagram Ricardo Gareca

However, given previous rumors that involved him with possible approaches to the FCF commanded by Ramón Jesurún, the same coach assured in an airy tone that they do not exist and that his main objective is Peru’s qualification for the World Cup:

“The playoff is the only thing on my mind. I do not project myself to anything else, not because I am not satisfied with and adapted to Peru, it is a country where we believe that we can develop and continue to accentuate more work, what interests me is the possibility of winning the playoff to go to the World Cup in Qatar , you need to be focused, once everything is over, you have to see what situation we are in and you can think about the future”.

Ricardo Gareca current coach of the Peruvian National Team.  Photo: Instagram Ricardo Gareca

Ricardo Gareca current coach of the Peruvian National Team. Photo: Instagram Ricardo Gareca

Despite the strategist’s refusal calmed things down at the time, the information in the press once again aroused the curiosity of Colombians, because according to Rueda, there would already be negotiations with Gareca.

Ramon Jesurun in dialogue with the newspaper The Colombian from Medellín was in charge of denying for the second time, the option that the Argentine is being considered as the next helmsman of the Tricolor:

When the coach of the national team is named, it will be done in the format and official bulletin of the federation, meanwhile everything will be speculation ”

He also indicated that it is not a decision that should be taken lightly, however, he is clear that it has to be done as soon as possible.

It is important that this vacancy is filled in the shortest time possible, but that this does not force us to come out with any name. We have little time before we start competing in 2023. The important thing is to carry out a serious and judicious study, and find the person we consider the ideal for this new journey”.

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