The eldest daughter of Alberto Ferriols and Beatriz Salomón distanced herself from the complaint against her father: "Things are not like that"

In the middle of scandal what the doctor faces Alberto Ferriolsex-husband of the late actress Beatrice Solomonafter betinahis youngest daughter, report for threats, Noeliahis eldest daughter, broke the silence, spoke to the media, and assured: “Things are not like that”. Today man finds house arrestthen in a raid seized an arsenal of weapons without authorization.

“Dad is very distressed, he is very bad about this whole situation that is being experienced. All that he is saying to himself, the truth is that things are not like thatsaid Noelia, who clarified that she did not participate in the complaint made by her sister betina against his father, although at first it had erroneously transpired that yes.

“I am not in the complaint. I did not make any complaint”Noelia clarified.

Along these lines, the young woman described the doctor as a person who “it’s not violent“.

“Dad is not a violent person, far from it. He always cares about us, why we study, about everything. He was always present”, express.

However, regarding the weapons that the police found in the doctor’s house, the eldest of Ferriols’s daughters assured “It is not new”, since his father has been a fan of weapons for a long time.

“It has been known for a long time. When he was married to mom, when he was in (the street) Pacheco de Melo with us. He always had weapons, he was always a collector, he always had them. It’s nothing new”, ratified.

Finally, Noela trusted that soon everything will be cleared up.“Everything will be cleared up in court. For now I have nothing more to say.”he concluded.

The complaint for threats against Ferriols

According to Bettina, she had been victimized by his father who would have used some weapons to threaten herwhile saying: “Aren’t you afraid?”

For this reason, the young woman made the complaint on April 28 before the city ​​police before the father for these situations of violence: They said that he had a large number of weapons in his house, and that he used them to intimidate them.

“He always had firearms because he collects them and uses them. I didn’t see where he kept them now but he kept them in a closet in his room, it’s big and it’s located on the ground floor of the house, near the kitchen. He always had firearms and threatened us with them”, was what Bettina declared, who also gave precision about what weapons Ferriols had.

After the complaint was accused of threats aggravated by the use of weapons and violation of the home in the context of gender violence.

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