The desperate audio of an ERSA Driver: “They just put a knife to my neck”

An ERSA driver was injured when he was attacked by two people who apparently refused to pay for the ticket and complained about the frequencies. Everything was related by the man, through an audio that was viralized by WhatsApp.

Is about Ezequiel Chestnut, 34, who sent the audio to his acquaintances, immediately suffered the fact.

“People please, make this audio go viral. They just put a knife to my neck ”, the audio message that I know begins. “It is a couple of passengers, because they wanted to. They were angry with the frequency, ”he described.

The man, with an agitated tone, denounced that he received “a slap”, while they put a knife to his neck, which apparently caused minor injuries.

Finally, he complained when he assured that the panic button did not work, so they say that the alerts that he tried to issue to the Police were unsuccessful because of what was happening to him.

“I’m very nervous, but luckily I’m fine”

In dialogue with, the worker stated that He is in good condition and was going to a sanatorium to receive the necessary cures.

He appreciated being able to tell it: “I received an attack with a knife or something similar in the neck by the woman. Then the man slapped me,” he said.

After assessing again that he is well, he stressed that the event was in the area of ​​Villa Boedo, when he was reaching the end of the route.

He has worked for the company for eight years and said that This is the first time that he has suffered an act of insecurity in command of a group.

The company confirmed that there was an event of insecurity

Antonella Moriconi, a spokeswoman for ERSA, confirmed that there was a situation of insecurity in the aforementioned neighborhood and stated that “the driver is fine but very scared.”

In this context, he indicated that a line inspector accompanies the victim at this time, while waiting for the discharge of the worker to be able to know exactly what happened.

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