"The day I have to go, I’m leaving; I’m not Martin Guzman"assured Sergio Berni

Sergio Berni affirmed that he will continue to be Minister of Security of Buenos Aires after being questioned about undeclared assets. “The day I have to leave, I’m leaving. I’m not tied to anything. Just as I didn’t set out to be here, I didn’t set out to continue being here either. I’m not Martín Guzmán, nor Axel Kicillof is Alberto Fernándezaffirmed the official in the last hours.

It should be noted that the questions current manager of Buenos Aires security They began after the journalist Jorge Lanata made public a report stating that he has inconsistencies in his sworn statements. There he spoke of a mansion valued at a million dollars that had not been reported and a capital growth of 110% between 2019 and 2022.

It is a decision made by the governor. That decision is not made by me, it is not capricious. It is a decision that has to do with a task that we are doing in the province of Buenos Aires, with a responsibility and commitment that I assumed. I did not apply to any competition, I did not ask to be a minister, but conditions were given for which they asked me to collaborate in the province “he added.

On the other hand, Berni maintained that “there is nothing more complicated“that the position of Buenos Aires Minister of Security and asserted that the position “is an electric chair.” Regarding the accusations for sworn statements not made, he stated in dialogue with Daniel Tognetti in Siempre es hoy on AM 530: “It is not the first time that I have been denounced for illicit enrichment, I have already been through this situation. I was audited by a judge and by the expert body of the Supreme Court of Justice. After carrying and bringing papers, no one fixed ‘was dismissed from illicit enrichment and from all accusations“.

This case will be the same. It is part of the game and we understand it as such. The electoral campaign began, a campaign where ideas are not discussed no projects and what it is about is hurting the adversary“.

Again, he referred to a political operation against him that seeks to remove him from office and He assured that he does not know of any mayor who has publicly spoken out against him. “Politics operates like this, in the dark, carrying out operations and slandering“, he expressed.

Asked about his communication with Axel Kicillof, Berni recounted that the last time they met was to plan “Operativo Sol” for the coming summer in Buenos Aires. “They are competing from anonymity to see who is positioned in next year’s candidacy. As provincial governors, deputies and senators. The tensions and operations have already begun“Berni accused.

Your opinion about the Buenos Aires Police

Regarding his relationship with the Buenos Aires Police, he assured that the Ministry of Security “is not a club of friends” and said that the link is “of a minister with a police chief.”

Regarding the uprising that occurred in 2020, which had as its paradigmatic event the roundup of mobile phones and troops from the Quinta de Olivos where President Alberto Fernández was, the official assured that it was a minority group.

Also, recalled the incidents of the force while carrying out the security operation in the Gimnasia-Boca match, where the fan of the La Plata team Oscar “Lolo” Regueiro died. “The incidents started because of the number of people who were left outside the stadium,” he said.

The police begin to receive stones and a cash fires a tear gas. That’s where everything gets complicated because the gas is absorbed by the vacuum that makes the field“, he detailed. “The police understand that the doors had to be cleared because otherwise it would have been a disaster. I did not think it was correct to act“, held.

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