The controversial story of Sebastián Villa on Instagram with Boca, after the serious complaint against him

Sebastian Villa was denounced again by gender violence in a case that could be characterized by sexual assault and attempted murder and that transpired yesterday, due to an event that occurred in 2021. The complainant, who is a different person from Daniela Cortés, assured that she had, at that time, a relationship with the current player of Mouth.

Villa, who today could start against Racing in the semifinal of the Professional League Cup, broke the silence around dawn with a controversial post on Instagram, with some images in which he is seen playing with Boca and with an excerpt from the song of daddy yankee “Everyone loves Raymond.”

What does the song that Sebastián Villa uploaded to Instagram say

I am a public figure, I am exposed to criticism

of good people, humble people,

stupid people humble people

Parasites that like to harm other people,

People who give you constructive criticism,

Bad people who don’t deserve to be alive

Dirty people, people who fight at 100

People who just don’t like me.

The official statement from Boca after the serious complaint against Sebastián Villa

“Boca Juniors informs the members of the club, fans, the media and the general public that the institution’s Inclusion and Equality department is already available for the episode involving the player Sebastián Villa and once more ratifies its total commitment in situations of gender and equality, as stated in the first Protocol of the club for action in cases of Violence based on Gender, Gender Identity and/or Sexual Orientation, approved on August 12 through the Assembly of the Board of Directors.

As in every situation that involves a person from the club, Boca Juniors makes itself available, provides the corresponding support and redoubles its efforts to continue growing as an institution in the values ​​that inspired the current protocol and that is based on essential application principles such as prevention, advice and assistance, respect and privacy, confidentiality, among others“.

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