The controversial likes of Neymar on Twitter: “It seems that Mbappé owns PSG because of the contract”

This past Saturday PSG went over Montpellier on the second day of French football, however, far from being a result that left something positive for the Parisians, two of its figures have been involved in an unfriendly situation, they are Kylian Mbappé and Neymar Jr.

The former was clearly upset after missing a penalty when the game was 0-0, soon after PSG had another penalty and that was the moment when things heated up between the two figures.

According to comments on the broadcast, Mbappé and Neymar argued over who should execute him and it was not until the intervention of the Parisian captain Marquinhos that finally it was the Brazilian who would end up throwing it to make it 2-0.

Once the game was over, PSG’s “10” gave “likes” to some tweets which would spark controversy.

Today, in the PSG game, Neymar scored and HUMBLED the goalkeeper (once again) in the penalty kick. Mbappé, on the other hand, kicked VERY badly and missed. After the game, the coach said that Mbappé will be the team’s main hitter of the season. An absurdity!”.

In another of the tweets that the Brazilian liked, he quotes:

Now it’s official, Mbappé is the one who kicks the penalties at PSG. Clearly this is a matter of contract, because in no club in the world that has Neymar, he would be the second collector, none! It seems that by contract Mbappé owns PSG!!”.

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