The Colombian Under 20 Men’s National Team prepares in Bogotá

The World Cup is played in Qatar and, after the failure of the Colombian men’s national teamwho was left out of the tournament after a string of five games in which he failed to score a goal, the coffee fans follow the World Cup, always thinking how different it would have been, if ours had arrived and that is, although the world is the event that captures the attention of the planet, There is nothing like suffering in each game of the team that one loves the most.

The next World Cup, which will take place in the North American countries of Mexico, Canada and the United States, will be the first to which 48 teams from the 6 confederations will go Therefore, we hope, Colombia can become a recurring participant in the world tournament. Precisely with this goal on the horizon, the different categories of the Colombia men’s soccer team meet in different cycles of preparation that, in the end, should lead to that event.

In that order of ideas, and thinking about the South American sub 20 that will be played in Colombia, at the beginning of 2023, the Colombian selection of the category is concentrated these days havingHe even played a friendly match against Ecuador. Said match was played starting at 4:30 pm at the Techo stadium in the city of Bogotá and left an interesting tie to two goals between both teams.

The eleven chosen by Héctor Cárdenas. Photo: Facebook Colombian Football Federation

The visitors were in charge of opening the scoring through Alan Minda, just 5 minutes into the match. Colombia tied with a great goal from Daniel Lunafrom Deportivo Cali, who received a ball outside the area and shot hard to break the Ecuadorian goal. Tomás Ángel, from Atlético Nacional, was in charge of breaking equalitywith a pass from Oscar Cortés, from the Millionaires registry.

At the end of the meeting, when Colombia was already savoring victory, Óscar Zambrano returned to tie the game for Ecuador. The young Liga de Quito striker set the final score, in which it was an exciting friendly match. Both selected will meet again, on the same stage, next Sunday, November 27.

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