The Coalition for Education, which includes Jaime Correas, asked Perczyk for more openness in the Federal Council

We are people interested in the progress of Education in our countrymany of us representatives and leaders of entities specialized in this subject, which gives more legitimacy and validity to our fair request,” they said in a statement sent to the minister.

The order is signed by a group of the most notable specialists in education that the country has, in addition to the Mendoza straps there are university professors, former Ministers of Education of the Nation, leaders of universities and organizations dedicated to education.

In addition, the signatories of the note explained that They sent a copy of the petition to the Ministers of Education of the provincesfull members of the Federal Education Council, for their knowledge and support.

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Jaime Perczyk.jpg

The Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk.

Members of the Coalition for Education

  • Ines Aguerrondo
  • Sabrina Ajmechet – National deputy
  • Manuel Alvarez Trongé – president of Educar 2050
  • Eduardo Arcangeli Arias – Hannah Arendt Foundation
  • Genoveva Barsanti – president of APAER
  • Juan Carlos Bregy – Executive Director of FEDIAP
  • Flavio Whelk – teacher
  • Jaime Correas – former Minister of Education of Mendoza
  • Susana Decibe – former Minister of Education of the Nation
  • Mauricio Devoto – director of CIVES, University of Palermo
  • Elena Hard
  • Cristina Fajre
  • Mario Giannoni – former Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires and Río Negro
  • Ernesto Gore – emeritus professor, University of San Andrés
  • María Ester Gorleri – researcher National University of Formosa
  • Paula Insani – spokesperson for Padres Organizados Entre Ríos
  • Juan Llach – former Minister of Education of the Nation
  • veronica lofiego
  • lia lopez
  • Analía Luce – coordinator of the National Network for Educational Quality
  • Monica Marquina
  • Horacio R. Moavro – pro-secretary of the Argentine Political Club
  • Mariano Narodowski
  • María José Navajas – National Coordinator of Organized Parents
  • Patricia Pereyro – President of Coincidir, Development of Rural Communities
  • Patricia Piccolini
  • Liana Pividori – coordinator of the National Network for Educational Quality
  • Marcelo Rabossi – Professor, Di Tella University
  • claudia romero
  • Morena Rossello – Teachers for Education, Province of Buenos Aires
  • Ariel Rotondo
  • Florence Salvarezza
  • Sergio Siciliano – Buenos Aires Provincial Deputy
  • Marina Smoljan – Spokesperson for Padres Organizados Neuquén
  • Guillermina Tiramonti – member of the Argentine Political Club
  • Veronica Tobena
  • Isabel Vannelli – Teachers for Education, Province of Buenos Aires
  • Gustavo Zorzoli – former rector of the National College of Buenos Aires
  • Martín Zurita – executive director of AIEPBA and JUNEP

The reason for the request made by the Coalition for Education

Jamie Correas, former head of the DGE of the Province and one of the members of the Coalition for Education, explained that, since the Federal Council of Education is a government body, its provisions are executive, that is, they are the ones that effectively the educational system of the entire country must comply.

Therefore, the intention is add not only transparency, but also facilitate access to the debates To those who are interested in the future of education in the country: changes, decisions, and how to implement themhave access to the sessions as it happens with those of the National Congress or Legislatures of the provinces.

Currentlyaccording to Correas, There is an audio copy of the discussions, but the intention is to make them accessible in real time.

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