The CGT will issue a document requesting “responsibility in the unit”

The leaders of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), headed by Héctor Daer, are meeting and will issue a statement supporting President Alberto Fernández. The priests of the labor union have already expressed themselves in reserve in favor of Alberto Fernández, but accepting that “a rupture must be prevented” after the defeat in the PASO.

The Argentine workers’ representatives are going to claim “responsibility in the unit,” according to El Uncover. Today, on a busy day for the national government, several officials joined the Interior Minister, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro and put their resignation at the disposal of President Alberto Fernández. It occurs just three days after the defeat of the Frente de Todos in the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries (PASO).

The officials who made their exit available to Fernández, in addition to De Pedro, are the ministers Martín Soria (Justice), Roberto Salvarezza (Science and Technology) and Juan Cabandié (Environment and Sustainable Development). So did the head of PAMI, Luana Volnovich; that of ANSES, Fernanda Raverta; and the presidents of ACUMAR, Martín Sabbatella, and of Aerolineas Argentinas, Pablo Ceriani.

Another minister who made his resignation available, although he did not do so through a letter but by word of mouth, was Jorge Ferraresi. Speaking to Radio Con Vos, the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat reported that on Monday he presented his resignation to the president verbally. “On Monday I spoke with the president by word of mouth and somehow all the ministers submitted their resignation. The renewal of our management is day by day. Some of us did it in writing, others by word of mouth. We all had the attitude of communicating to the president that he had our resignation if he needed it. Each one has his style. We are chosen by the president and he decides. If “Wado” chose the written way, others choose the verbal way on Sunday and Monday. It is a question of form, not substance ” Ferraresi said.

Yesterday, the entire cabinet of the governor of Santa Cruz, Alicia Kirchner, did the same; and the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof.

After the letters in which several officials made the resignation available to President Alberto Fernández, Sergio Massa summoned all the leaders of the Renovador Front who are in government for a meeting at the party’s headquarters in the City of Buenos Aires. Fronts close to Massa clarified to El Uncover that “for now” he will not go to the Cabinet and will continue in his current position.

Massa summoned the leaders of his space who occupy important positions in the national government. Among the officials summoned to the meeting are the Minister of Transportation, Alexis Guerrera; the president of AySA, Malena Galmarini; and the head of ENACOM, Claudio Ambrosini. Massa called them to take a position in the face of the general resignations of the last hours. Massa met with different leaders of the Renewing Front after Sunday’s defeat and asked them to be “measured” in their statements and avoid overexposure. “Nothing in excess”, they summarize close to him.

Other officials who respond politically to Massa are Martín Marinucci (head of Argentine Trains), José de Mendiguren (head of the Investment and Foreign Trade Bank), Diego Giuliano (Secretary of Transportation of the Nation) and Marcela Passo (former Transportation official and current candidate a national deputy).

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