The CGT blamed businessmen for inflation and did not rule out "force measures" due to price increases

One of the general secretaries of the CGT, Carlos Acuñaaccused “to the large business sector” of being responsible for the rise in prices and inflation, and warned that, from the union sector, “if necessary, forceful measures will be taken” in the face of rising food prices.

“The businessmen are the ones who always screw the Argentines. The main responsible for what happens in the country. But they don’t screw the government with their attitudes, but they screw the people”highlighted the cegetista leader and general secretary of the Union of Workers and Employees of Service Stations (Soesgype).

He warned that if this situation continued, “If necessary, some forceful measures will be taken against businessmen, because it cannot continue like this.”

In response to a query, the co-secretary of the CGT referred to the inflation indicators and opined that “This inflation is generated by those who do not want any government. How do we control prices from the CGT? That has to be State policy combined by the economic sectors”assured.

The CGT against businessmen: the strong statements of Carlos Acuña

The trade unionist blamed the businessmen for the rise in prices, especially of food, and accused them of not respecting the promises to maintain the values ​​of their products as they agreed when entering the Care Prices program.

Entrepreneurs commit and then do nothing. And are we the bad guys in the movie? We say that if necessary, some forceful measure will be taken against the businessmen”whipped Coins.

He also insisted on his expectations that the president Alberto Fernandez can straighten out the situation. “If the government improves the economy and the people do well, they will have an equal chance of staying in power“, referring to the 2023 elections.

The CGT and the Income Tax

On the other hand, the labor union celebrated in a statement the decision advanced by the government to raise the non-taxable minimum Income Tax, to moderate the effect of this tax on workers’ salaries.

“The Government defined a salary policy of recovery and growth of the real value of income as a central objective of economic policy, so modifying the current amounts is an act of strict social justice”noted the note.

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