the canine jumped from a second floor

The death of a pet, or simply having to see her hurt, it can be something very painful and difficult for a person to assimilate, and a woman in the United Kingdom was about to experience it; however, she became the heroine of her dog and prevented an accident from happening to adults, making it clear that there are human beings who They are willing to do anything for their animals.

It is about Rachel Green, a woman who put into practice all her reflexes to save the life of her Border Collie dog, after the latter decided to jump from the second floor; Fortunately, Rachel was outside and realized in time, with which he managed to catch her when she was still in the air.

As announced in an interview conducted by the portal ‘Daily Mail’, had gone out to attend a window installer, when he saw a reflection in one of the spaces that were on the second floor of the property, and realized that it was his pet trying to jump; “Oh my God, back off,” she is heard saying to the man she was talking to.

And it is that, as he mentioned to the same medium, florencename to which her dog responds, is already 6 years old and has always been a very independent animal, however, since the pandemic began and she had to work at home virtually, she has created a great attachment and is always after her, what he considers could have been the reason for his dog to jump. “She’s never done that before and she’s six years old, so it was a bit of a shock!”he explained to the ‘Daily Mail’.

You can see here the video of the heroic act of this woman. Photo: Twitter @momentoviral

In addition, he assures that it was not an oversight because the windows were closed and I didn’t have a free space, however, she supposes that her dog could have managed to open one of them, probably to be able to observe her while she was at the door receiving that man, or even to get there faster.

As expected, his heroic action gave people something to talk about on social networks, since the video in which everything that happened was recorded was quickly spread on the internet; “super cool that I turn around, to see her puppy, a hero made woman “, “the maternal instinct is very powerful”, “oh my God, just in time”, “a true heroine”, “wonder woman”, and “love works miracles”, were some of the comments from users on the social network Twitter.

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