The Campora versus the Evita Movement, the new mother of all battles

War is already declared. The bellicosity has been building for years. But the order was issued on Monday by the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner when he put in the target of his public criticism the Avoid Movement for managing plans. Quickly reappeared yesterday the harsh spokesman of The CamporaAndrés “El Cuervo” Larroque to ratify, in case there were any doubts, the discomfort K with the organization led by Emilio Pérsico and Fernando “El Chino” Navarro, aligned with the president Alberto Fernandez. The Buenos Aires Minister of Social Development accused the avoid of acting in complicity with the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, to “bank the adjustment” of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Pérsico and Navarro issued a statement indirectly responding to the vice president and accusing her of promoting “a campaign to stigmatize social organizations.” But beyond the exchange of aggressions, this fight goes far beyond the internal heat between albertists Y christianists. For ChristinaPérsico and Navarro have been enemies since the electoral defeat of 2015. “They left at the worst time to settle with the macrismo, Carolina Stanley and María Eugenia Vidal gave them fortunes, that’s why in 2017 they played with Florencio (for Randazzo) against Christinawere absolutely functional to Cambiemos”, comments a spokesman for the christianitywho also does not forget that the president was also in that move.

And as if that weren’t enough, the vice president He continues to insist privately that Pérsico was the intellectual author of the stones that broke the windows of his office in the Senate. In the midst of this context of conflict, tough internal battles are already predicted next year for the control of several municipalities in the province of Buenos Aires, where the camping will be forced to play in some cases with the Barons of Greater Buenos Aires to try to curb the aspirations of the avoid.

Obviously the most strategic fight is going to be played in La Matanza, where provincial deputy Patricia Cubría, Pérsico’s wife, has already launched herself as a candidate to succeed Fernando Espinoza in that municipality. The provincial legislator tried last year to compete against the mayor’s list of councilors, but the Electoral Board decided to lower the list.

Now Pérsico and his wife, who live in the house that belonged to Mario Firmenich in that district, are going for revenge and want to keep control of the most populous territory in the suburbs. Although Espinoza is not well liked by the christianity and many of his colleagues, no one wants that social organization to end up governing the historic bastion of peronism. Pérsico and Navarro go for more municipalities, especially in the second and third cordon where they have candidates and many militants thanks to the number of plans they handle. They want to multiply the experience of Mariel Fernández in Moreno, a populous district that they have run since 2019. They assure that they have “more militants and better cadres than The Campora and we are going to continue growing in the territories”.

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