The boss of the “Jacquie et Michel” site and four suspects presented to an investigating judge

After four days in police custody, Michel Piron, the boss of the pornographic site “Jacquie et Michel”, his wife, Araceli, and three other people were brought this Friday morning before an investigating judge as part of an open judicial investigation for “heads of aggravated pimping, trafficking in human beings in an organized gang, rape and complicity in rape, rape and complicity in gang rape and rape with torture and act of barbarism”, said the Paris prosecutor’s office at 20 minutes, confirming information from Parisian.

Michel Piron, 64, had been placed in police custody in particular for sexual assault and for complicity in several offenses including aggravated rape, aggravated pimping and trafficking in human beings, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office. Three men, presented as “actors” by a source close to the case, were also placed in police custody for aggravated rape or in a meeting, human trafficking or even pimping, according to the prosecution.

“Jacquie et Michel is only a film distributor”

The investigation was opened in July 2020 after a report from three feminist associations, Dare feminism, the Effronté-es and the movement of the Nid, and entrusted to the Parisian judicial police. Several actresses, whose testimonies had been relayed by these associations, had confided that they had been forced into “”non-standard and painful” sexual practices”, without their consent.

“Michel Piron has always asked to be heard by the investigators and to answer their questions openly”, indicated Tuesday Me Nicolas Cellupica, the lawyer of the Arès group, chaired by Michel Piron, owner of the pornographic site. “He has always said on the side of the victims if actresses have suffered acts of sexual violence that he was completely unaware of”, added the lawyer, stressing that “the group ‘Jacquie and Michel’ has never produced or made of film and is only a distributor of films made by independent producers”. “Finally, pornography has never been equated with prostitution: a porn actress is not a prostitute and a director or broadcaster is not a pimp,” he insisted the lawyer.

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